Will Writing Services

What is Will?

Will is a legal document that expresses a Non-Muslim individual's wishes as to how his/her assets are to be distributed after his/her demise and as to which person is to be appointed and administer the assets until the final distribution of the assets. In the absence of a Will, your estate will be distributed based on the Distribution Act 1958 or Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960.

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The Process

What will happen when you pass away without Will?

One would normally think that upon his/her demise, his/her estate would "automatically" go to his/her loved ones, but this is unfortunately not true. As a matter of fact, the estate would have to go through a legal process in order for your loved ones to receive it. The legal process would be smoother with the availability of Will.


Who should be your Executor?

Choosing the right Executor for your Will is important. An Executor is the one who will administer your estate and ensure your loved ones to receive their entitled portions and assets.

Further Information

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