Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

PB Trustee Services Berhad adopts a "zero-tolerance approach" towards any form of bribery and corruption in conducting its business. PB Trustee Services Berhad's staff are to refrain from offering or receiving any gifts, entertainment, hospitality and non-business travel to/from external party in the course of their duties.

Reporting Channel

The Public Bank Group Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure provide an avenue which serves as a confidential platform for all staff and third parties to disclose any acts of bribery and/or corruption in a confidential manner that protects the whistleblower from any risk or reprisals.

  • Disclosure via the PBALERT Link (click here). A pre-formatted form will be populated once the link is invoked for whistleblowers to insert relevant details.
  • Disclosure via Protected Email Address at: