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Will Writing

Who is a Testator?

Who is an Executor?

Who is a Trustee?

Who can be my Executor and Trustee?

Who is a Guardian?

Who can I appoint as a guardian?

Who is a Beneficiary?

Can I distribute my assets 100% according to my wishes?

If my beneficiary is still under 18 years old upon execution of my Will, what will happen to his/her portion?

Who is a Witness?

Who can be my witness?

What assets are covered under a Will?

What is a Standard Will?

What is a Comprehensive Will?

What are the difference between Standard Will and Comprehensive Will?
 Standard WillComprehensive Will
  • Distribute to only main beneficiaries
  • No option for subsitute beneficiaries
  • Can distribute to individual and non-individual beneficiaries (e.g.: Charitable Orgaization)
  • Distribution of total assets via percentage only (immovable and residual only)
  • No specific gifts
  • No jointly-owned account distribution clause
  • No testamentary trust option
  • Able to distribute specific gifts to specific beneficiaries
  • Able to include jointly-owned account distribution clause
  • Able to include testamentary trust
  • No drafting required
  • Standard Will (PBTSB Executor) is immediate upon signing the printed form attached with the Will
  • Standard Will (Individual Executor) is prepared within 3 working days.
  • Have to follow the drafting process
  • Will take time to finalise the signing copy